"Did you know, applied improvisation is being taught in blue-chip companies and in more than half of the top
business schools around the world? Discover the difference it could make for you!"

Applied Improvisation means:

  • High-performing teams
  • More collaborative relationships
  • Greater creativity and innovation
  • Increased authenticity and presence
  • Adapting successfully in the moment
  • Responding confidently to whatever happens

All achieved by taking the proven tools and techniques used by theatre and musical improvisers into workplaces and communities.



You can locate inspiring, world-class consultants, trainers, facilitators and coaches through our network.


Click HERE to find a list of qualified Applied Improvisation Network practitioners, searchable by the type of service you are looking for, by geography or by name.


AIN World Conference

The next world conference will be in Oxford, UK, from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 August 2016.

Details and your opportunity to get involved here: www.ainconference.org.


If you are wondering how you might use improvisation in your organisation, we're here to explain. It's not about hiring actors or setting up role plays. For the AIN, it is about practising and developing skills to help people communicate more effectively. We take the techniques out of theatre (and other arts), and apply them to create:

  • strategies that are more effective because more inclusive
  • better relationships in teams founded on skills of co-operation
  • more incisive leadership
  • more responsive and alert coaching
  • more compelling presentations, enriched by spontaneity and well-crafted stories