What Is Applied Improvisation?

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your organisation’s results and want to enrich how people relate to each other, Applied Improvisation may provide the answer, and this website provides quick access to a host of practitioners ready to meet your needs. You’ll also find information about events, research details and all sorts of associated goodies to make your decisions easier.

In this video, AIN President Paul Z Jackson introduces the concept of Applied Improvisation…


Right now in the world’s top organisations, the tools of improvisation are helping individuals and teams to deal with change and complexity. By increasing people’s capacity to be spontaneous and work together generously, these tools enable leaders to be more effective in terms of presence, agility and communication skills, often in difficult situations.

The fact is, people and teams in organisations improvise the whole time – but they don’t always realise that’s what they’re doing. Applied Improvisation offers a framework and vocabulary to discuss those facets of how you work so that you can engage in improvisation with more courage and energy – resulting in faster development and better performance.

These are the new skills now being recognised as critical for survival and success in today’s ever-changing organisational environment. Applied Improvisation puts spontaneity and adaptability to work in non-theatrical settings, offering an approach that enables leaders to achieve more with less.

In this video see how improvisation illustrates how hierarchies work – enabling you to create flatter systems in which more talents are encouraged to flourish and contribute…


The AIN is a community of improvisation experts; our members are business professionals and academics who use improvisation tools, experience, and theory for human development and training in communities and organizations.