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“You don’t get any better than Kat!”

“Not only is she a skilled facilitator, she is wonderful to work with. Her materials and her presentation are both masterful and professional. Key to her success is Kat’s ability to connect with a seemingly limitless number of audiences. I have watched her create meaningful experiences and build transformative conversations that translate to real impact in the work and home lives of my audiences. I would recommend her again and again!”

Matt DeMarco
Director of Leadership Development
American Farm Bureau Federation

“Our experience with Kat Koppett greatly exceeded our expectations. Kat’s team provided deep facilitation skill building using unique and engaging techniques.”

“Our audience was a diverse group ranging from individuals who had never facilitated before to those who are extremely effective
facilitators. Each of them walked away with many new skills that they could turn around and apply immediately. I would recommend Kat to any organization looking for an engaging and valuable skill-building experience.”

-Natalie Wu
Training Consultant
Eli Lilly USA Leadership Development


Koppett + Company (Kopco) is a professional development company specializing in the use of theatre, improv and storytelling techniques to enhance individual and group performance. We have unique blended backgrounds in acting, playwriting, directing, instructional design and organizational development. Kat holds a BFA in Drama from New York University and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Her book on the use of improv to improve organizational performance, “Training to Imagine”, is considered one of the seminal works in the field.

Koppett + Company has designed and delivered programs for a diverse, global list of clients including Chanel, Kaiser-Permanente, Eli Lilly, Cadence Design Systems, the NY Transit Authority, Glens Falls Hospital, JPMorganChase, and GE.

At Kopco, we assume that you couldn’t care less about training….except to the extent that it improves performance on the job. So, our programs are:
Practice-based, not simply knowledge-based.
Customized for your participants in your environment with your objectives paramount.
Fun and interactive – because fun and interactivity lead to increased retention and depth of understanding.

Our take on “Why Improv?”

As human beings, we are all performing all the time. Consciously or not, in each interaction, we make choices that we believe best suit the “scene” we are in. Actors practice techniques to expand their range of performance options, and to serve their role and the larger context. These techniques are applicable any time people wish to connect and create.

Improvisers are a special breed of performer who apply these skills on-the-spot, collaboratively, without a pre-determined plot. Because none of us wakes up with a script on our bedside table, the principles of improv theatre are especially applicable to our lives.

Specifically, actors and improvisers work on:
* Developing their voices and bodies to be more powerful, responsive to intention, and flexible
* Building trust
* Enhancing listening and awareness
* Taking risks and trying new things
* Responding and adapting in the moment
* Aligning performance choices with objectives
* Crafting and delivering stories to increase impact, understanding and interest

Leaders who employ improv principles report creating more inspiring and supportive cultures, and feeling more personally able to meet their goals.

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